Lewis Veterinary Clinic has a wide variety of promotional offers available.

Grooming Promotions:

thanksgiving special couponThis year for Thanksgiving our groomer will be offering 15% off canine grooming appointments between 11/18/19 and 11/29/19 to get your furry friend looking fresh for the holiday.

Did you know that we also offer 20% off your puppy’s first grooming appointment? It is important to introduce regular grooming to your puppy at an early age to help get them accustomed to the experience, making future grooming appointments much more enjoyable. To qualify for this discount, your puppy must be under 6 months of age and should be up to date on vaccines. Please mention this discount when scheduling your appointment.


linden grooming punch cardGrooming punch cards for 50% off a full groom or bath with our grooming technician on the 5th punch.

This offer is only valid if the punch card is provided and punched by our grooming technician.

Spay & Neuter Procedures:

We accept Spay & Neuter vouchers from the Lycoming County SPCA. The voucher will cover anesthesia and the procedure only; exam, vaccines, and pain medication are additional costs. To apply for the voucher, please call 570-322-4646.

Feline Spay & Neuter Special:

For just $53.00, your cat will get spayed or neutered, pain medication, a brief exam, nail trim, ear mite check, and the Rabies vaccine. This amazing offer is available all year long!